I get the fascination of guns. From a design point. Theres’s something about them - they look cool. But I don’t like the purpose of guns. So I decided to challenge the concept and create cool useless weapons. 
Designing a NOT SO DANGEROUS weapon
I start  the process sketching various rough ideas. The inspiration for mechanics and shapes is borrowed from everyday objects, recognizable in other contexts. Then I start working on the details. Before doing the final art I always make a quick colour version with shades to get an idea of the final result. At the end I ad a logo to the mix and voila! A not so dangerous weapon is born :-)
1.Sketching    2. Colouring    3. Outlining    4. Adding shapes and shadows 
In this case I wanted the name and logo of the Peanut Revolver to have the look and feel of what could be an actual gun. There is a revolver type refered to as a .38 caliber, so I decided to use that as a reference for the design. PR.38.
There are always details that doesn’t feel right and I have to do a few versions before I’m satisfied. I this case it was getting the “nut-cracker” and the lock-mechanism just right
The collection:
Illustrations made in Procreate
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