The magnified Direct Mail
Haldor Topsoe is one of the leading manufactures of catalysts within chemical processing, hydro processing and emissions management.

Challenge: To develop a communication strategy and campaign that will build the product TopFrax™ (a ceramic filter that turns deadly toxins and NOC into air, nitrogen and water) within industrial hot gas filtration in the glass industry, engaging Chief engineers in order to generate leads in the US and European market.
But how do we position TopFrax™ as the best solution in the market, when customers has no knowledge of our new technology, and might not even know our name?

Catalytic filters are a small part of the furnace solution within the glass industry. So how do we get them to focus on a process that is not even visible to the naked eye.
The customers are driven by making the best decisions, ensuring the best solutions, at the lowest cost. So how do you decide on what you don’t know or can’t see?
We needed to get their attention with something sufficiently spectacular to grab their interest.

Solution: We decided to be Nerds. To engage the Chief Engineer, we made it interesting for them as engineers. And created a 2 minute video of a product shot starting where Haldor Topsoe is best - at a molecular level. from real atoms to the final product. To launch it we sent out an DM to drive the audience to the website.

The Concept: It’s the smallest things that makes the biggest difference
- even on the bottom line​​​​​​​
A small Direct mail 70x70x70 mm, was sent to Chief engineers. Opening the box revealed a small brochure and a scale magnifying glass.

Each spread in the brochure features a short text in 2 pt. barely readable without the magnifier.
Videos to be posted shared and seeded on blogs and social media relevant for the target audience to drive traffic  to the website 
The main film for the website and SoMe: a 2 minute product shot of Topfrax - shot with an electron-microscope. (one of the 3 most advanced in the world, capable of showing real atoms. there are two at Berkeley University and the one that Haldor Topsoe had build) Going from atoms to the product in on take :-)
Behind Topfrax video. An interview with one of the scientists
Creative team: Kenneth Hamann, Rasmus Høgdall, Ole Rydal
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