The little server that could
Challenge: IBM wanted a campaign to sell small server solutions and services. They were among the best in the market but also in the high end - price wise. We had to find a way to get through without customers focusing on price. 

Insight: The most important issue in a serverroom is: Uptime - the time your server is up and running. That is what drives the IT manager.

Solution: IBMs servers have an uptime of more than 99,5 %. Therefore we decided to make that the key message in the campaign. So we created a Roly-poly-toy shaped as a server to tell the story. 

“All servers have down time - some are just faster getting back online”

We sent out a DM, to get people online and play a little game called “Can you knock down an IBM Server” and win 15.000 $ for IT solutions. and through the following email-dialogue get to know more about the products. And of cause in the end buy!

Results: ROI: 27

The Roly-poly was sent out in a box - and when it opened the server raised
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The game
Creative team: Sarah Carlsson, Ole Rydal
Game production: Molamil
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