See your future in 360º
Background: In 2016, The National Defence Education needs to recruit 7,000 youths.

To start with, we were asked to revitalize a brochure that could be handed out at education fairs. However, the target group is notoriously difficult to activate and the unique experiences of a National Defence Education are hard to convey on a fair stand.

The creative idea: The most frequently asked question at fairs is: “What’s it really like to be in the National Defence?” We decided to answer this question quite literally.

We produced three 360°-movies and invited fair attendees to personally see their future within the three forces of the National Defence – The Air Force, The Army, and the Navy.

Alongside the physical activation at the fairs, we also activated the 360°-movies on Facebook, engaging an expanded target group through this extremely captivating format.

Result: The campaign was launched simultaniously with Facebooks release of 360º viewing and  in just one week, we reached more than 1 million Danes.

Creative team: Sebastian Hartbøll, Peter Conlan, Mette Lund, Ole Rydal
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