A gamer in the control tower
Background The Danish air force needed applicants for their flight traffic control academy. But only 5-10 % of the population has the cognitive skills to qualify for the education.

Challenge: We don’t know who or where they are

Insight: A study showed that a particular group of people actually has the right mix of skills required - Gamers.

Solutions: So we invited one of Denmarks best known Gamers, with more than 130.000 followers on instagram and youtube (35% between 18-24) to try a Flight Control Simulator to find out if he had the skills …and the 15 min. Video was posted and seeded through his youtube channel and instagram.

Results: more than 1/2 a million views and they doubled the number of applicants and got enough qualified candidates for the academy.

The campaign was posted and seeded on social media: Youtube, Instagram og Facebook

Creative team: Jakob Staalby, Mette Lund, Rasmus Høgdall, Ole Rydal
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